Details about this Job.
Company: Roxa Drilling Company
Position: Seaman At Roxa Drilling Company
Job category: Other
Target: Mid Career (2+ years of experience) 
Salary: $8,000 || Monthly
Requirements: Provide a completed Coast Guard Application

Submit letters of sea service, discharges

Must have quality maritime training and certificate 
Country: Nigeria
The seaman must be well prepared to face hazards like flooding, collision, bad whether. Measures depth of water in shallow or unfamiliar waters, An ordinary seaman assists the able seaman and acts as the deck utility man and can be called upon to perform any one of many tasks Standing as lookout, scaling and chipping paint, painting, handling lines during the mooring of the ship, and assisting in the actual letting go and tying up of the vessel
Assisting in the operation and handling of all deck gear including cradling, topping and housing of booms. Aiding the carpenter in repair work
Acting in the capacity of a helmsman when called upon. He Reads draft markings and acting as cargo watch during the loading and discharging of cargo operations. Operating the deck machinery such as the winches or windlass. Overhauling and installing any standing or running rigging on the ship
Sewing, repairing and mending canvas


A seaman is a competent and certified life boatman, and is able to handle a lifeboat under sail or oars
Maintaining the bridge in a shipshape and clean condition

Pass a routine physical examination and drug screen.

must be at least 18 to work offshore for a drilling contractor.The average age for offshore workers is 27.


medical insurance, dental insurance, life insurance and others.

This job expires in -3609 day(s).

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